20 Jul, 2024
9 mins read

The Epic Story of Sultan Nuku from Tidore: Giving VOC and the Dutch the Jitters Just by His Name

Sultan Nuku, the big shot ruling the Tidore Sultanate, is like a rockstar in Indonesian history, making the whole nation proud. What’s cool is that he’s the only national hero who never tasted defeat, especially against the Dutch. The Dutch heard his name and decided to pack up and leave North Maluku. A movie producer, […]

4 mins read

Tommy Flowers: WWII German Code Cracking

Tommy Flowers and Colossus are Crucial to Normandy The Colossus decryption machine, developed by Tommy Flowers and a team of mathematicians, scientists, and cryptographers at Bletchley Park, England, to break the German Lorenz SZ40/42 machine, was crucial to the Normandy landings. Flowers was only officially recognised for his wartime efforts in 1977, behind Alan Turing, […]